3. Develop your Plan for Change

Authentication Service Requirements
Developing a Roadmap for Your Institution

Now that you understand the reasons for change and the change itself, the next step in this process is to develop a high-level plan to help you move forward by identifying functions, process, policies, and technologies that you need to implement in order to address your institution's drivers.

Having this chart (or Roadmap, as described below) in hand allows you to address the identified gaps as the opportunity arises, such as coupling a new Web ISO service with an upgraded portal or establishing a higher LoA for higher-risk applications when implementing a new finance system.

Authentication Service Requirements

At the end of this Develop your Plan for Change section, you should have a good understanding of your organization's authentication service requirements, including:

  1. A definition of your challenge for change, including drivers to help determine where you need to go and an understanding of your organizations service requirements and accompanying framework to manage authentication on your campus.
  2. A set of guiding principles that can be used to guide decision making.
  3. An inventory of how your campus operates today.
  4. An analysis of your online services, who is using them, and what the risk issues are, as well as a list of technical architecture, business process, and policy gaps that need to be addressed to achieve 1 and 2.

You will use this information to decide the first implementation step of your overall plan, a process as described in Implement Change.

Developing a Roadmap for Your Institution
A useful way to think about the result of this high-level planning activity is to develop a rough implementation sequence (or Roadmap) of the identified technology functions, processes, and policies. This is described in Develop your Direction.

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